about superfly

SuperFly is an independent record label and music publishing company based in the UK with a global reach

SuperFly is a Music Label dedicated to supporting up and coming artists. Our aim is, and always will be, building something out of nothing. Our mission is to assist Artists to break into the industry and make a career out of their music. 

We have a clear idea as our goal, offer something different not based on new trends” and the main focus would always be on “good quality music”.

Superfly provides the following services: Artist Development, Artists & Repertoire, Music Distribution and Marketing.


If you think your music fits our label then we’d love to hear from you! However, our inbox gets full very quickly, so emailing us music isn’t ideal and we can’t guarantee a reply.
If you’d like to share some songs with us, write a URL (a private Soundcloud playlist is ideal), an email address, and a few words on the back of a postcard (the more adventurous the better!). Send it to the address above, and we’ll listen (and reply) to everything submitted this way.